Body Piercing and Cosmetic Tattoo


Booking & Pricing 


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Cosmetic tattoo :

Eyebrow  Microblading (hair stroke brows natural look, includes one touch up + aftercare kit)$500

Eyebrow Microblading + Shading (creates a fuller more solid look than microblading alone, includes one touch up + aftercare kit)$600

Powder Ombré Brow (Solid brow with little to no hairstrokes, makeup look, includes one touch up and aftercare kit)$500

Eyebrow Yearly Touch up (any type of brow) $300

Freckles (semi permanent freckle tattoo, includes one touch up and aftercare kit)  $150 Add on to eyebrow appointment $75


Body  piercing - all pRICEs include standard jewelry


Ear Lobe/Cartlidge/Rook/Daith/Tragus/Helix  $40 single, $70 two, $100 three

Lip/Smiley/Tongue/Marilyn/Medusa/Philtrum $40 single, $70 two, $100 three

Nostril/Septum $50 single, $95 two

Nipples $55 single, $90 two

Bridge/Eyebrow $40 single, $70 two, $100 three

Vertical Hood $100

Navel - upper or lower $40 single, $70 two



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